Aaron Sapp - Film and TV composer. My passion to compose music chose me -- I did not choose it. Consequently, Iím driven daily to explore the high art of music composition and sound design and transform my sonic meditations into symphonic presentations to inspire the listener. From my personal studio I have succeeded in doing exactly that. Iíve inspired listeners and elicited their accolades from all over the World. Leaders in the sound library industry also have expressed their admiration of my music artistry. I constantly endeavor with every note to accurately replicate the musical imagery dwelling in my mind, even at the expense of breaking with preconceived rules and barriers. My vision is to create film score music and symphonies that I know will unequivocally enrich the genre of symphonic and film music. I invite you now to listen and hear for yourself how my passion for composing music has resulted in elaborate and significant works that will, for the receptive music lover, refresh, move, and inspire. Aaron has worked on such projects as, Bottom Line composed by Andy Brick. Composer for upcoming EW / QL Symphonic Orchestra Library, Brass Demo for Ilio Entertainments, and tester for Kirk Hunter Orchestral Brass. He's also composed an orchestra demo for Kurzweil Music Systems and Garritan Orchestral Strings Library. Website Designed By All Media Studios.
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